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Click on the link below the album art to go to the snippet page with links to snippets from the latest album, Seasonal Inspirations.
(DO NOT click on the album art itself)

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Below are players which will play 30 seconds snippets of our songs. (There are 15 snippets and players below)

1 Christmas with Me - Liz Campbell

2 Mary Came to Town - Don "Shuggy" Mittan 

3 On Christmas Night - Karen Jardine

4 Times Like These - Daniel Christian

5 Suppose - Rob Barnhardt / Jumpin' Kate Logan

6 Every Day's a Holiday - Royce Swain / Kent Swain

7 This Christmas Day - Karen Dunning

8 Sang a Little Prayer - Bobby Miles / Charlene Schmeichel

9 Jesus in My Pocket - Lawrence Owens

10 A Christmas Celebration - Betty Nieveen / Jim Koudelka

11 Mama's Prayer - Dale Williams / Mark Prososki

12 Jah Follower - Jeff "Boogie" Schultz

13 Journey of Grace - Beth Heimann

14 Lullaby for Jesus - Jo Riecker-Karl

15 It's a Beautiful, Beautiful Day - Terry Smith

Thank you for listening and visiting.