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We are the Nebraska Chapter of the Nashville Songwriters Association International or better known as NSAI.

We want to help any Nebraska songwriter in any way we can,get their songs heard on a professional level in Nashville.We do lessons in our meetings from the NSAI homebase out of Nashville.We have folk's share their songs in any way they want us to hear them and if they want our feedback we are glad to let them know our opinions (It's just ours. And everyone has one)

We do shows around Nebraska to help various charities....We recently fininshed our 6th Compilation CD from writers across the state.From Time to time we bring in professionals From around the country to do seminars that we hope will help writers fullfill their dreams.

And we help one another in any way we can...We also do quite a bit of Co-Writing songs....

Contact Robert "Bobby Miles" DeBusk     402-450-1057

Or Don "Shuggy" Mittan     402-223-7053